Episode 48 - Using Logic-Based Assurances in Negotiation

Season #1

In this episode, let's dive into a crucial topic: harnessing logic-based assurances to transform your builder's contract without igniting conflicts. With my experience as a construction adjudicator, lawyer, and director of Tricks of Your Trade, I'll guide you through effective negotiation strategies including:

  • Exploring the delicate art of changing builder's contracts amid industry uncertainties.
  • Unveiling the potency of logic and industry standards in securing contract changes while nurturing relationships.
  • Embracing practical reasoning and common sense to foster productive discussions free from legal jargon.
  • Mastering the art of demonstrating impossibility or misalignment with your trade's needs for reasonable changes.
  • Elevating negotiations through collaborative approaches that build trust and value for both parties.
  • Focusing on crafting relevant contracts that proactively address potential challenges.
  • Teasing upcoming episodes that delve deeper into advanced negotiation tactics.

Exciting news: "Negotiation School" is set to launch, offering invaluable skills for 2023. Secure your spot on the waitlist at www.tricksofyourtrade.com.

Join me in the quest to master negotiation, bridge gaps, and achieve triumphant outcomes in the dynamic construction industry.


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